WOMAN OF SIN (Bk. 1 of Trilogy) by Debra B. Diaz

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FRONT Woman of Sin Press ReleaseAlysia of Athens, pampered daughter of a wealthy physician, is taken from her home and sold into slavery when her father is accused of treason during the turbulent reign of Tiberius Caesar. She is purchased by Paulus Valerius, a powerful Roman legate, who pierces through her determination to hate her captors. When trouble caused by his jealous stepbrother forces her to run away, she finds herself in the battle-torn land of Palestine, where she meets a man named Jesus—and her life is forever changed.

Three complete novels—Woman of Sin, Man of God, and Child of the King. Alysia of Athens is the pampered daughter of a Greek physician, sold into slavery and purchased by Paulus Valerius, a high-ranking soldier of Rome. Follow their destinies as they face danger and betrayal seeking to spread the word of God, leaving a legacy of hope for their troubled daughter that only one man can help her attain.

Debra B. Diaz has written several novels in the historical fiction and romantic suspense genres and one contemporary mystery for young readers. Her goal as a writer is to not only entertain but to challenge and inspire. For more information, visit http://www.debradiaz.com/.

"Author Debra B. Diaz elegantly and beautifully weaves an unforgettable story . . . Filled with suspense and romance, this novel will . . . lead you on a journey that is so real you will not want it to end. A true masterpiece!"
—CBM Book Reviews

"It is a great book and Diaz is a very good fiction writer. She has eloquently captured the life and politics of first-century Jerusalem, and the empire, and has spun a terrific story around one of the Bible's most mysterious characters."

"Personal and compelling, very solidly based on biblical events and history."

"I am a hospice nurse and sit with people who are dying . . . your book has changed my life. It is the best book I have ever read!"

"I really like biblical fiction and this author produces some of the best."

"I loved this book and could not put it down. . . . A very well-written story."

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