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What Do You Do When You Get Poo on Your Shoe? is a story abouPoo on Your Shoe 3D cover RESIZEDt the mess that a young boy and his friends make when they creatively attempt to overcome one of life's difficult and stinky situations the wrong way! This story is both funny and instructive, illustrating how we've all stepped in it! The lesson to learn in this book is for both children and adults. Your kids will howl, and you just may discover a timely life application!

Rick Carr Author Photo RESIZEDRick Carr is the founder of a juvenile intervention ministry in Memphis, Tennessee, known as JIFF (Juvenile Intervention & Faith-based Follow-up), where he served as the executive director for nearly fourteen years. He is an ordained minister with the Christian & Missionary Alliance having served as a youth pastor and later as the senior pastor of two C&MA churches. Rick received his associate's degree from Toccoa Falls Bible College, his bachelor of arts from Trinity International University, and his master of arts from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Rick and his wife of thirty-four years, Valerie, have five children and seven grandchildren.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Scott R. Strub is a Memphis-based illustrator and graphic designer. He also wrote and illustrated the children's book Otto the Outerspace Octopus. Scott is a graduate of The Columbus College of Art and Design. Other samples of his work may be viewed at www.StrubStudios.com.

"I have always loved Rick Carr and his huge heart for people. His compassion and understanding prove his worth as a pastor and a friend. I'm so pleased that he has written this children's book, What Do You Do When You Get Poo on Your Shoe? I believe that the humor and overall message will resonate with many readers!"  —Clay Crosse, four-time Dove Award Winner, HolyHomes Ministries, worship pastor, First Baptist Church, Bentonville AR

"The humor and lessons learned will stick with every reader!"  —Heather M. Bilton, Ed.D., NBCT, early childhood teacher, trainer, and consultant

"My class really enjoyed the story and the illustrations! They laughed a lot and could really relate to the story. I think it is a great book to read for a self-to-text connection. We all took turns discussing how we can relate to Andrew's situation. My class really liked the real picture at the end of the story."  —Miss Christy, first-grade teacher

"This is an awesome book! It is for people of all ages, and it teaches more than how to get poop off your shoe. It teaches everyone that even though we have troubles in our lives, we can always solve them with some help. The book was also really funny!"  —Justus B., eleven years old

"I really think it is a good book."  —Chelsey H., seven years old

"It was a funny book!"  —Preston, seven years old

"He is a good artist. I like the pictures!"  —Shelby, seven years old

"My class really enjoyed the book. We all laughed a lot and most of the kids said they did the same things Andrew did to get the poo off his shoe. One girl laughed really hard when Andrew wiped his shoe on the brick by the grill; she said she wouldn't want to eat a cheeseburger that smelled like poo. They loved seeing the real photo of Zena and Andrew."  —Jason L., elementary teacher

"The story and pictures reminded me of my dog, Galaxy, and when I got poop on my shoe."  —Vanessa G., seven years old

"I never stepped in poop, but I like the story, and it reminded me of my dog Daisy."  —Blake D., seven years old

"I like the story because it was funny."  —Sami L., seven years old

"I liked the story because it reminded me of my dog, Charlie, and it taught me the best ways to get poo off my shoe."  —Cathal D., seven years old

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