The Frankfurt International Book Fair

ffFor over 60 years, the Frankfurt, Germany, Book Fair has been, arguably, the most influential international event in the publishing industry. It boasts an annual attendance of nearly 300,000 book buyers, consumers, publishers, agents, distributors, printers, booksellers, librarians, authors, journalists, rights executives, editors, and others from more than 100 countries. So, your Innovo published title(s) can be seen in person by key industry buyers from literally all over the world. The opportunity for publicizing and marketing your Innovo book to the international community doesn’t get any better than this!

For International Shows:

  • Our representatives will discuss your Innovo title with interested foreign publishers and agents and make initial contact for foreign language rights offers.
  • In most cases, a reading copy is requested by any interested party to determine the viability in their specific market, which Innovo will fulfill on your behalf (additional costs may apply for shipping/handling, etc.).
  • Depending on the type of publishing arrangement you have with Innovo, we will either address requests and continue follow-up on your behalf or provide the information to you so that you can follow up directly. Either way, Innovo is available to help with education and other assistance in this regard.
    * Best-case results: Receive several requests for review copies and information about your Innovo title(s), which represents an initial step for an offer/sale.
    * Average results: Receive a modest number of requests for review copies and information about your title, which represents an initial step for an offer/sale.
    * Worst-case results: Publicity and exposure to the market for your title(s).













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