QUICKSAND by Jennifer Riegler

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FRONT Quicksand Press ReleaseKevin Spacey blurts out smirkily in the film American Beauty, "Nope. I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose." That line stirred me. It was 1999. It stayed with me, and I drifted way beyond the context of the film and Kevin Spacey. Most of us consider ourselves ordinary, but we do have something to lose. We may come from modest backgrounds, lead simple lives, but all that we do is of worth. It impacts the people we connect with, beginning with our family, extending to our neighborhood, and stretching right up to that person we bump into on a holiday or a bus ride. I have had the privilege of crossing paths with some precious people who live each day in that awareness. They believe that we are summoned onto planet Earth for a unique purpose-a purpose crafted out just for them, one only they can fulfill. They hear the Call; they walk on quicksand, and their lives become extraordinary. "Quicksand is about the simple things, the real things. It is about the men and women who do things. They distill the noise, hear the melody, learn the lessons, and pay the price. I salute them." -Jennifer Riegler

Jennifer Riegler Author Photo RESIZEDJennifer Riegler believes that life cannot be lived to the fullest without a living and intimate relationship with the Creator. She has spent twenty-five years in the field of advertising and marketing, has studied theology, and now pursues a full-time career in writing books and poems. "I see and experience God's magnificent work through nature every day, but I have the privilege of seeing Him at work through the small things, the daily events, and the ups and downs of life that we take so much for granted." Please do visit my website jenniferriegler.com for a free download of the song "You Met Me."

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