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CeceliaAssunto GodDidMakeLittleGreenApples 3Dbook

God Did Make Little Green Apples is a delightful story with charming characters who teach a simple message about how unkind words and bullying can deeply hurt others. Readers will learn that judging others by their outward appearance is wrong; rather, we should look inward to the heart and always ask ourselves, “What would ‘King Golden’ do?”

GOD DID MAKE LITTLE GREEN APPLES is a Children's Book with a moral story and life-lessons  about bullying, relationships, judging others and forgiveness.  All of the characters in the book are apples, and the delightful, wonderfully-illustrated cast includes King Golden, Rotten and an orchard of others including McIntosh, Rome, Red, Melrose, Russet and Granny Smith. Your children will love to read this story over and over.

Through an engaging and entertaining story that children (and Parents) will easily relate to, GOD DID MAKE LITTLE GREEN APPLES teaches ethical behavior, moral values, the golden rule, forgiveness and related Christian-based principles.  And it is just plain fun, too!


Cecelia Assunto has enjoyed writing and drawing for as long as she can remember. Growing up was full of words and doodles. As a teenager, she wrote for her school newspaper. Later she began writing poems, skits, and Bible studies. Throughout her adult years, she could always be found decorating for Vacation Bible School or working on an arts and crafts projects. She and her husband, Joe, have been married for fifty-five years and counting. They are a bit famous among locals for their Christmas yard decorations. Over the past few years, Cecelia began authoring and illustrating children’s books like the one you hold now. Cecelia and her husband have been blessed with three wonderful children, five grown grandsons, and a beautiful granddaughter-in-law.

img218011781Darcey DeMatte learned to draw before she learned to walk.  “Drawing is like breathing to me,” she admits.  “When I hear a story, I see pictures.  It’s who I am.”  Darcey has illustrated several children’s books including two that she both wrote and illustrated.

With the love of her life and a menagerie of furry children, Darcey makes her home in Hudson Valley, New York, surrounded by their five children and two grandsons.

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