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FRONT I Want It All Press ReleaseAre you struggling to understand spiritual gifts and how they apply to your life?

Does it seem confusing to have sweet Christian friends giving you conflicting advice on spiritual gifts?

That was exactly my experience. As a new Christian, I was trying to grow in the Lord and use whatever gifts He had given me to serve Him. I received such differing views that it pushed me into a passionate search of scripture. That journey of discovery through desperate prayer and intense study is outlined in this book.

I Want it All! shares my struggles to understand spiritual gifts. The first part of the book shares a very personal view from my beginning years of following Christ. The second part is a user-friendly, verse-by-verse study of 1 Corinthians 12–14, the classic chapters concerning spiritual gifts. The final part relates some of the crazy and crucial moments in my life the Lord used to teach me about a spiritual gift. I pray it will be a blessing and provoke you to further study and prayer as you seek to love and serve Christ.




Mark Hyskell Author Photo RESIZEDMark D. Hyskell is Director of Philippine Missions Outreach. He received his BA and MA from Luther Rice Seminary and has done further graduate work at The Criswell College and Dallas Theological Seminary. After spending over thirty years in vocational ministry in Southern Baptist Churches, he left his last pastorate to devote his time to leading international mission teams. He has led five mission teams to Port au Prince, Haiti, and has made fifteen mission trips to the Philippines over the last fourteen years. He and his wife, Gretchen, reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have two grown children who are married.

"I Want It All!, the testimony of Mark Hyskell, should be that of every genuine follower of Christ in the world. The problem is distinguishing 'all' that is from God, from 'all' that is from other origins, some of which is from the devil. This problem is addressed by Pastor Hyskell with great sincerity, integrity, and knowledge of the Scriptures. Having dealt with these kinds of things for years and having delved deeply into the Holy Scriptures, I believe that this book is not controlled by experience or by preconceived theological conclusions but from the straightforward exegesis of God's Word. This book will help any pastor."

Dr. Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas


"Mark shares his personal journey of faith relating to the spiritual gift of tongues in an extraordinary and passionate manner. He is intense and thorough. You can relate to his story because his journey happens to many of us. Mark has excellent comments regarding 1 Corinthians chapters 12–14. He does an outstanding job relating how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. You will be glad to follow the journey that Mark has traveled over the years. Thank you, Mark, for sharing."

Dr. Gary Johnson, Executive Director of Missions, Miami Baptist Association, Miami, Florida


"I Want it All! is a deeply personal and insightful writing of Mark Hyskell's journey through 40 years of ministry. Specifically, he deals with the misconceptions and scriptural truths concerning spiritual gifts. He offers an in-depth scriptural study and practical application for anyone interested or troubled with the big questions of spiritual gifts."

Scott Greenland, President, Cyprus Global, Inc., International Missions Organization


"Many Bible readers believe that speaking in tongues is a sign of spirituality. This has caused much confusion to the Christian world regarding this spiritual gift. At last, this confusion will be cleared through this book, as the author expounds the issue of tongues in verse-by-verse exposition. I humbly recommend this book to all Bible believers, Bible teachers, and preachers for a personal copy and to make it as one of your best teaching materials in your ministry."

Rey Tabios, Pastor, New Haven Baptist Church, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines


"I have known Mark Hyskell for many years as a friend and as a coworker in Christ's Kingdom work. His book, I Want It All! is an account of his extensive study on the subject of spiritual gifts, but it is not written from a comfortable and safe place in a nice church building somewhere. It is an account of his personal journey complete with hardships, discouragements, and difficulties and the raw feelings and emotions these bring. However, with great rejoicing, his journey shows the abundance of God's love and care for us, even
when God is all we have. His account is timely, informative, and is an excellent study for any Christian pilgrim who is serious about a committed relationship with God."

Chuck Utsler, Executive Director of Missions, Grady Baptist Association, Chickasha, Oklahoma


"The book is extremely informative and Mark presents the content in an understandable style. It is thought provoking, well presented, and many of the issues [around spiritual gifts] are covered. His thorough presentation of the Scriptures shows that he understands the arguments. This book can help anyone who is dealing with the controversy [of spiritual gifts] in his life and desires to understand the issues [more clearly]."

Danny McCartney, Bible Teacher, Church Leader, Jacksonville, Florida


"The topic of spiritual gifts is in much need of being biblically addressed to prevent many in the kingdom of God from being led astray. Mark Hyskell does just that. Having written from his heart and from the Word, Mark makes it easy for the reader to easily understand our Lord's intentions for the gift(s) that He provides every true follower of Christ. A MUST read!"

Dr. Stephen Peeples, Pastor, Roopville Road Baptist Church, Carrollton, Georgia


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