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Physical and On-Line Courses and Full Curricula that are RETAIL READY with GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION and AUTOMATIC FULFILLMENT 24X7


Course Designers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Cover Designers, Layout Designers, Project Managers, and Lots of Experience 


Innovo’s course or curricula authors receive personal coaching from our course designers and project managers, and each author receives our “Best Practices” guide that provides many practical tips and insights from years of experience creating courses. In addition to courses and full curricula, Innovo creates hardbacks, paperbacks, ebooks, audiobooks, multimedia books, children’s books, and screenplays. Our courses, ebooks, and multimedia books can include audio, video, and animation that bring your title to life for your readers. So whatever your preferences, Innovo has you covered. 


Innovo OffersTraditional Publishing where Innovo picks up the tab; Cooperative Publishing where Innovo and the Author share the investments; and Independent (or self) Publishing, where the author covers the investment and keeps 100% of the royalties. Interested? Request a FREE MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE or email us by CLICKING HERE.

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  • Innovo's courses and curricula may have any combination of text, graphics, animation, audio, video, tests, and quizzes built-in.
  • Innovo's on-line course platform meets stringent requirements for interoperability--meaning you can import other existing courses into your curriculum provided they too meet these industry standards. 
  • Innovo's on-line courses and platform are particularly suited for authors providing educational materials for homeschoolers, Sunday School classes, Bible Study groups, non-profit ministries, and similar groups. 
  • Innovo's course and curriculum authors always retain the copyright to their work and courses.  
  • Innovo has professional graphic designers that specialize in imagery (e.g., graphs, charts, illustrations, animation, audio, video, and similar) for your courses.  If you need stock photos or custom art our artists can supply those too. 
  • Just call and tell us what you need for your course or curriculum, and we can work out a custom arrangement to help

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Innovo Publishing has a global distribution network that includes many of the most respected companies in the word
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