Voice Talent: Male

  • Bob +

    bobBob specializes in audiobook and other long-form narration. He's narrated everything from "The Imitation of Christ" to the entire New King James Bible. Bob would be delighted to work with you.

  • Ralph +

    ralphRalph is an acclaimed actor & singer as well as voice talent and Christian with short form and full audiobook narration experience. "I look forward to helping bring your... [Christian] message to life."

  • Mike +


    Mike's eclectic experience ranges from producing Pod Casts & commercials to self help audio. "While there are many ways to worship... the bottom line is the same: God lives within your heart."

  • Bill +

    billBill has recorded thousands of projects for major clients like The Billy Graham Association. "I followed my passion of communicating the 'good news' through media." And he would love to work on your project.

  • Ralph M. +

    ralph2Ralph has extensive experience with creative services, writing, voicing and production. "I've been mixing sound for church for years and more-than-ever consider it a ministry-not just a task."

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Voice Talent: Female

  • Vanessa +

    vanessaVanessa is a Christian with exceptional audiobook experience with the majors and was an Audie finalist. "It would be an honor to voice... messages of hope and goodness [for you]."

  • Dory +

    doryDory has a wealth of experience with clients such as Nintendo and others. "I believe that all of the work that we do and all of our interactions with others is to please God...."

  • Deborah +

    deborahDebroah has extensive audiobook and editing experience, and is an avid reader of the Bible and theology. "My favorite authors are CS Lewis and EB Phillips 'Your God is Too Small'".

  • Angela +

    angelaAngela has produced several audiobooks released on iTunes. "Faith is a crucial part of my everyday life and I would love to lend my voice to help spread the Word of God."

  • Melanie +

    melanieMelanie is a voice actor with thousands of radio/TV spots, corp & web narrations, pod casts & similar. "I have been blessed to have voiced for many Christian schools & charitable orgs."

  • Naylene +

    nayleneNaylene has outstanding voice experience with national clients, Christian radio, and the Christian community. "It's not just a career for me, it is really what I feel "called" to do. I LOVE God's word."

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Audiobook Samples

  • Karen Michelle Graham: A Life To Rescue +


  • Armour Patterson: Where The Ground is Even +


  • Jason Creech: Dealing With The S Words +


  • Carla Cameron:Lessons From God +


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Innovo's Audiobook Publishing

  • Innovo's Audio Book Publishing Programs
  • Audiobook Production Costs
Innovo's Self Publishing Programs & Prices for Audio Excerpts, Chapters & Unabridged Audio Books:
Professionally Narrated and Mixed, Physical CD or Digital Downloadable Files Distributed Globally Through Audible, iTunes, AmazonMP3 & more... 
(Audio Only)  
(Audio Only)  
(Audio Only)  


(Audio Cover & Distribution Pkg)
Get Started Self Publishing Your Audio Book Now! Click Here to learn how to order... or call us toll free: 1-888-546-2111 $195 $349
* From $966

*(See Price List)

* From $1395

*(See Price List)
check1 check1 check1 check1
Professional Voice Talent Narration using Innovo's VoiceBank Team check1 check1 check1 check1
Author selects top 3 preferred voice talent choices from Innovo's Award Winning, VoiceBank Narrators check1 check1 check1 check1
Delivered in stereo quality MP3, downloadable files (suitable for use on web sites, PCs and mobile devices) check1 check1 check1 check1
Toll-free Order Service check1 check1 check1 check1
Friendly & Knowledgeable Innovo Author Support check1 check1 check1 check1
Innovo Audio Chapter for Advertising (Stand alone version useful for Advertising & Promotions) N/A N/A check1 check1
Full Color, Deluxe Custom Cover (Front & Back) N/A From $185 From $185 check1
ISBN Number N/A N/A $50 check1
Barcode with sales prices embedded N/A N/A $50 check1
Innovo Audio Excerpt (Stand alone version useful for Advertising & Promotions) N/A N/A $100 check1
Professional Press Release/Advertising N/A From $399 From $399 check1
100% royalty rate on all books sold to wholesalers and retailers (e.g., Amazon.com, etc.) N/A N/A N/A check1
Books In Print Listing N/A N/A N/A check1
US & Int'l Global Distribution Through Audible, iTunes, AmazonMP3, Innovo andother affiliates (for immediate buy & download) N/A N/A N/A check1
Automatic fulfillment of book orders from Audible, iTunes, AmazonMP3, Innovo and many other affiliates N/A N/A N/A check1
COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION: Looking for peace of mind with your US Copyright? If so Innovo can help. Innovo will file all the paperwork required and take care of all required submissions to officially register your audio book with the US Copyright Office. Innovo will provide confirmation of your official US Copyright. *requires certain personal and title information to be provided by artist/copyright holder to Innovo. $199 $199 $199 $199
Rush Services: In a hurry? Get your complete audio book in 45 days or less vs. the normal 85 days. Audio Experts & Audio Chapters delivered in 21 days or less vs. the normal 45 days. $100 $175 $475 $675
Delivered on a stereo quality , Master MP3 CD (Audiobooks using this format almost always fit on 1 CD. Roughly 1 MP3 CD is required for every 100,000 words. Cost is $75 plus $5/CD). N/A From $75 From $75 From $75
Delivered on a stereo quality Master Audio CD(s). (Audiobooks using this format often require more than 1 CD. Roughly 1 CD is required for every 10,000 words. Cost is $75 plus $5/CD). N/A From $75 From $75 From $75
Advertising Package (Google ad words starter pack) From $99 From $99 From $99 From $99
Editing Services (Getting your book in tip top shape) From $495 From $495 From $495 From $495
Book Reviews/Critiques (Great for PR & Marketing your work) From $195 From $195 From $195 From $195
Personalized Merchandise (Canvas Wraps; Plaques, Marquees) From $135 From $135 From $135 From $135

Your Christian Manuscript + Innovo's Professional Narrators = Awesome Christian Audiobook!

Now that you've written that fantastic Christian or wholesome book, get the word out with Innovo's Christian audiobook publishing and production services for Christian Independent self publishers.  We create professional, unabridged Christian audio books, audio chapters, and audio excerpts from your Christian or wholesome book using Innovo's network of exceptional voice talent.  We provide the finished Christian audiobook in Audio CD, MP3 CD or MP3 downloadable files compatible with the latest PCs, Phones & MP3 players. We offer audiobook publishing, distribution and automated order fulfillment through an amazing lineup including SpokenNetwork and other retail affiliates.

Option 1: Unabridged Audio Book. Our professional voice talent will narrate your Christian or wholesome book word for word (i.e., unabridged; not shortened in anyway) using stereo quality, high fidelity production standards. Then we will mix the narration with mood-setting "bumper" music at the start of the book and between each chapter to create a professional and smooth flow for your listeners.  Just as with our hardback and paperback books, the author retains all rights to the audiobook. Innovo audiobook production services may be purchased with or without distribution. Starting at just over $800 USD, this unbelievably affordable self publishing audiobook option is a great addition to your hardback or paperback book and extends you reach to the growing on-the-go audiobook market.  For an additional fee, Innovo can also create an audiobook cover and provide distribution through major retailers such as SpokenNetwork.  See Price List Below.

Option 2: Audio Book Chapter. Our professional voice talent will narrate one chapter of your Christian or wholesome book word for word using stereo quality, high fidelity production standards. Developed with marketing in mind, you can include the professional MP3 audio file on your website, blog or other venues to give potential customers an opportunity to hear just how great your self published book really is. Just as with our hardback and paperback books, the author retains all rights to the audio book chapter. And all this is delivered for a market changing flat rate price of $349 (includes up to 2500 words). 

Option 3: Innovo Audio Excerpt. Our professional voice talent will narrate your Christian or wholesome book excerpt (i.e., a sample of your book) word for word using stereo quality, high fidelity production standards. The author retains all rights to the audio book excerpt. This option is usually focused on the back cover blurb from your self published book, and can be included on your website, blog or other venue to give the readers an opportunity hear more about your self published book. And all this is delivered for an exceptional flat rate price of $150 (includes up to 250 words). 


Audio Book Production Costs for Innovo Authors
(Innovo Solo price includes electronic files only Innovo Premiere price includes cover & distribution, Applicable taxes will be added Price List--Subject to change)
Small Audiobook
(10 to 15 words)
Small Audiobook
(15 to 20k words)
Small Audiobook
(20k to 40k words) 
Medium Audiobook
(40k to 60k words) 
Medium Audiobook
(60k to 80k words) 
Large Audiobook
(80k to 100k words)  
Large Audiobook
(100k to 120k words) 
Word Count (used For example)
Innovo Solo AudioBook
(Professional Audio Recording without cover, distribution, or advertising; See details below)
Innovo Premier Audiobook
(Professional Audio Recording. Audiobook Cover ISBN/BarCode, Global Distribuion, Press Release & Order fulfillment; See Program for Details).

Important Audiobook Details

*Add $150 USD for International authors/organizations   Innovo's audio book publishing programs make it easy, fast and affordable to self publish Christian or wholesome audio books (audiobooks) and to make them available to the world. After the audio book is recorded and digitized, it can be purchased, downloaded and used immediately by customers around the world! Or for an extra fee, we can create CDs and Ship them to your customers.   Innovo's Audio books (audiobooks) are Professionally Narrated and Mixed, Delivered in Audio CD, MP3 CD or MP3 Downloadable Files & Distributed Globally Through SpokenNetwork & More...   Innovo offers self publishing packages for audio books (audiobooks), audio chapters & audio excerpts. Compare Innovo's audio publishing programs side by side below to see which one is just right for you! Professionally Narrated and Mixed, Physical CD or Digital Downloadable Files Distributed Globally Through Audible, iTunes, AmazonMP3 & more...   Meet The Innovo Voice Team & Select Your Voice 

Have Questions? Email Us, Call Us at 1-888-546-2111, or Fax Us at 901-221-4055

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