CHILD OF THE KING (Bk. 3 of Trilogy) by Debra B. Diaz

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FRONT Child of the King Press ReleaseThe daughter of Paulus and Alysia is grown now, and ready for a life of her own. But Rachel is unable to rise above her past, and something that happened in Rome ten years ago. Metellus, former tribune in the Praetorian Guard, has been commissioned by the emperor, Claudius, to bring Rachel from Jerusalem to Rome. It is a journey that will affect both their lives . . . in ways they could never have imagined.

Three complete novels—Woman of Sin, Man of God, and Child of the King. Alysia of Athens is the pampered daughter of a Greek physician, sold into slavery and purchased by Paulus Valerius, a high-ranking soldier of Rome. Follow their destinies as they face danger and betrayal seeking to spread the word of God, leaving a legacy of hope for their troubled daughter that only one man can help her attain.

Debra B. Diaz has written several novels in the historical fiction and romantic suspense genres and one contemporary mystery for young readers. Her goal as a writer is to not only entertain but to challenge and inspire. For more information, visit


"This biblical fiction will delight readers with historical time-period writing, intrigue, romance, and suspense. Author Debra B. Diaz has a unique writing style that captures the reader and transports them to the place and era she writes about . . ."  —CBM Book Reviews

"Thrilling right to the last page."

"A great read. The author paints a clear, descriptive image that allows you to feel as though you are right in the midst of the story."

"This is the kind of book that you sit up half of the night reading because you can't put it down."

"An inspiring book about love, redemption, and faith during the first century."

"Debra B. Diaz weaves a beautiful story of love, suspense, and faith, with insight and understanding of the human heart and the struggle to do the Lord's will when not exactly sure what it is."

"This is an action-packed book. It challenges us to remember all that has been suffered for our faith. We as Christians need to learn."

"A great story, well-written, and truly captivating . . ."

"One of the best books I have ever read! A perfect combination of suspense and romance in an inspiring Christian book . . ."

"While it has a Christian theme, even those not necessarily interested in Christian books would find this book an excellent period piece, well-written, and filled with accurate historical facts. Highly recommend!"

"The story will remind you to continue to pray for the salvation of loved ones, that only God can change a heart, and he has demonstrated it time and again in the most unlikely candidates."

"Couldn't put it down. A great book for believers and non-believers alike."

"Debra B. Diaz has woven a beautiful tapestry depicting the political and spiritual atmosphere surrounding the Roman Empire shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ."

"I was held captive by this book."


"Excitement, romance, suspense, and pure story telling—everything a story should have is here."

"This is absolutely one of the better reads! . . . These people are portrayed so realistically that you become involved and are able to draw parallels to our present time and lifestyle."

"An enduring gift to your soul. Beautifully written."

"I fell in love with the characters, and the books gave much food for thought about the early believers, their passion in sharing the good news, and their willingness to lay down their lives. The author did an excellent job at telling the story."

"Great books for seekers—couldn't put them down."

"Poetic, literary music."

"One of the best portraits of Jesus I have ever known . . . I was truly touched for a lifetime."

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