BookExpo America (BEA)

The Largest Annual Book Fair in America

May 30-June 1, 2013
—Javits Center, New York City

The BookExpo of America book trade fair is reportedly the largest annual book fair in the USA. Publishers from around the world attend to showcase their upcoming and new titles to the book buying trade, with attendance sometimes exceeding 30,000 book buyers, librarians, editors, publishing agents, and others from around the globe. Serious authors, artists, and organizations want their Innovo title(s) in this show.

What to Expect from Our Staffed Exhibits for US Domestic & Regional Shows:

At the BookExpo of America (BEA) show and the Regional Bookseller shows, the primary focus is to present information for future ordering by booksellers, to talk with booksellers who stop by our booth, to discuss foreign rights with international representatives, and to discuss potential subsidiary rights sales upon request. The ALA and PLA are primarily information-gathering shows for the librarians, and our representatives will discuss all Innovo titles of interest with specific librarians
* Best-case results: Several orders and/or other types of information requests and/or sales for your Innovo title.
* Average results: Publicity to the trade, and visibility and ordering information distributed to potential buyers about your Innovo title.
* Worst-case results: Publicity and exposure to the market for your Innovo title.













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