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Innovo Publishing Partners with Christian Authors, Artists and Ministries to Create, Publish and Market Professional Christian Books, eBooks, Audio Books, Music, Film and Course Around the World Using Traditional Publishing, Co-Publishing & Independent Publishing Options. 
If you are interested in Independent (self) Publishing read the Top 10 Reasons Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries Choose Innovo Publishing.

1. 100% Ownership & Rights Remain Yours -- You retain ownership of all the rights to your work. And our independent (self) publishing contract is non-exclusive, so Innovo's Independent (self) publishers are not tied to one company.  And unlike some Christian and wholesome book publishers, you have the rights to use the book covers and interior designs we create for your independently (self) published book any way you choose. 

  2. 100% Author Royalties -- You keep 100% of the royalties.  That's right -- 100%.  We help you independently (self) publish and market your Christian or wholesome hardback, paperback, color book, audiobook, eBook or Course.  You pay for those Independent (self) publishing services, and you keep all the royalties from the sale of your books to all 3rd parties.    

3. 100% On Demand Printing (No Inventory Investment) -- You have no obligation to buy a single copy of your book from Innovo.  Not even one.  Why?  Because we can print and bind a 500-page book in about 1 minute.  So there's no need to invest in inventory to sit in your garage for your independently (self) published book.  It's green-and you save big.  And if you do want to buy copies of your books, Innovo Independent (self) publishers can buy their books at very low prices (quoted in writing). No haggling and no confusing gimmicks.  

4. 100% Global Reach -- You gain access to our global network of thousands of wholesalers, retailers, distributors, libraries, and schools, including, Barnes &, the world's largest wholesale distributor of book products,and the world's premier distributor of books to Christian Retailers.  And our audiobooks (audio books) are offered through major players around the globe. Through this far-reaching global network, customers from around the globe can order or purchase your independently (self) published book, ebook or audiobook!

5. 100% Automatic Order Fulfillment -- When your hardback or paperback book is ordered through bookstores, retailers, or online e-retailers like, we are notified electronically and we print and ship your book on-demand. No physical inventory is required because each Christian or wholesome book is printed on-demand immediately after it is purchased! Fulfillment is linked directly to retailers and your customers. And electronic editions of your book (e.g., audiobooks and eBooks) can be purchased online and downloaded immediately around the globe.  

6. 100% Exceptional Value & Quality -- Our independent (self) publishing services provide everything you need to get independently published at an exceptionally affordable price.  There are no hidden costs.  And our hardback, paperback, color books, children's books, audiobooks, and eBooks are the of the very highest quality.  Electronic formatting, physical printing and binding meet exacting standards.  You will be proud to offer your Christian and wholesome books to friends, family and the world.      

7. 100% Accounting & Back Office Support -- We track your book sales across our network of thousands of wholesalers and retailers and pay your book royalties quarterly.  As an Innovo independent (self) publisher, you never have to lift a finger - well, except perhaps to open your royalty checks.

8. 100% Marketing & Advertising Support -- We offer comprehensive marketing and advertising options to support the launch of your Christian or wholesome Independently (self) published book.  From specialty services like translations and book reviews, to press releases and online advertising campaigns, to the creation of your very own website--we offer complete support for Christian and wholesome independent (self) publishers.  We can even team you up with a professional Publicist.

9. 100% Professional Talent -- Through Innovo Publishing, you gain access to unparalleled professional talent, including professional editors, voice over actors, graphic artists, information technology gurus and experienced independent (self) publishing experts. Christian independent (self) publishing has never been easier.

10. 100% Peace of Mind -- As a Christian independent (self) publisher, Innovo offers a straightforward, no hassles approach to doing business.  If you are looking for an affordable, personal and honest Christian-based, independent (self) publishing services to help bring your ideas to life -- we think you've found it in Innovo.  

If you like our approach, I hope you will give us the opportunity to work with you on your next Christian or wholesome independent (self) publishing venture.




Dr. Bart Dahmer
Founder & Managing Partner
Innovo Publishing, LLC




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